How to block HDFC debit card instantly from your phone?

HDFC bank is one of the largest banks in India. HDFC bank provides many online services to its customers to easily access their accounts on their fingertips. HDFC account holders can now block their HDFC debit card instantly by using their phone. In this guide, we will see how to block HDFC debit card instantly using a phone with/without the internet.

How to block HDFC debit card instantly

Things required to block HDFC debit card

  1. Registered Mobile number with the bank should be with you.
  2. Mobile number should be active and able to receive OTP via SMS.
  3. HDFC Customer ID and Internet banking Password if you want to block HDFC ATM card using internet banking.
  4. HDFC Bank Mobile Banking Quick Access PIN if you want to block debit card using the mobile app.
  5. TPIN if you want to block the card using phone banking.

How to block HDFC debit Card instantly.

There are currently four methods available through which you can easily block HDFC ATM card instantly.

  1. By calling HDFC customer Care (Without Internet).
  2. By Sending SMS ( Without Internet).
  3. Using HDFC Mobile Banking App.
  4. Through HDFC Internet Banking.

Method 1 – How to block HDFC Debit card by Calling Customer Care

  1. Dial the HDFC Phone banking number. Get the statewide phone banking customer care phone numbers from this official link – state from the list to get phone banking number of HDFC bank
  2. Once the call is connected, select the option “Card blocking“.
  3. Your call will be transferred to the customer care executive
  4. Provide the last six digits of your card number and do not tell any other details like CVV, expiry date, etc.
  5. Once your details are verified, your card will be blocked instantly.

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Method 2 – Block HDFC ATM card by sending SMS from registered mobile number

  1. Open the messaging app on your registered mobile number.
  2. Type the BLOCKCARD <last 6 digits of card no>.
  3. Send this message on the following number –
    HDFC Debit card block by SMS number – 9223150150
  4. Your card is now blocked. You will receive an SMS about the same.

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Method 3 – How to block HDFC debit card using HDFC mobile Banking App?

  1. Open HDFC Mobile App on your smartphone.
  2. Enter the Quick Access PIN or log in with a customer id, password.
  3. From the Main page, tap on the menu icon and then tap on the PAY option.
  4. Then tap on the CARDS option from the cards under pay option in hdfc app
  5. Now, from the new page, select the card that you want to block.
  6. On the new page, tap on the BLOCK option.tap on block option in hdfc app
  7. Select the reason to block the card.
  8. You can also add a remark. By Tapping on the BLOCK CARD button, your card will be blocked reason to block card in hdfc app
  9. Your card is now blocked and no transaction can be made using this card.block hdfc debit card using mobile app

Method 4 – How to block HDFC ATM card using Internet banking

  1. Open HDFC Internet Banking website on your computer/smartphone –
  2. Now, enter your Customer Id/Username and click on the Continue button.
  3. Now, enter the HDFC netbanking Password and confirm your Secure Access Image and Message.
  4. On the main page, click on CARDS option from the main menu.
  5. Under the Debit cards section on the left-side menu, click on the Requests option.
  6. From the sub-menu, click on the Debit card Hotlisting on debit card hotlisting
  7. Select the card that you want to block.
  8. Now, select the reason to block the card and click on click on BLOCK reason to block hdfc debit card
  9. Your card will be blocked instantly.

Note that once you block the card, you cannot unblock it. You have to re-issue the card online or by visiting the branch.

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Summary –

If your card is lost/stolen, you can instantly block your HDFC Debit card and stop the fraudulent use of your card. We have seen four easy methods on how to block HDFC debit card using your phone. If you have any doubt/queries regarding the information provided in this article, please write to us in the comment section below.

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