How to add nominee in ICICI bank online

Adding a Nominee in your bank account is an important thing to do after opening a new account in any of the banks. If you haven’t added a nominee in your account, your family might face a huge loss after your death. If you have an ICICI bank account, then it is very easy to add nominee. In this guide, we will see how to add nominee in ICICI bank online.

How to add nominee in ICICI bank online

Things required to add/update nominee in ICICI bank online

  1. You should have an internet banking user id and password if you haven’t registered for net banking, then read this guide – how to register for icici net banking online?.
  2. The registered mobile number should be with you and should be active to receive OTP via SMS.

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How to Add nominee in ICICI bank – Two easy methods

  1. Using Internet banking
  2. By Visiting Branch

Method 1 – How to add nominee in ICICI bank online

  1. Open the ICICI net banking website on your computer/smartphone –
  2. Log in with your user id and password. If you forgot the user id, read this guide – How to know User ID of ICICI net banking?.
  3. Once you login to your account, click on the OVERVIEW option from main menu, and under sub-menu, click on Personal Details on personal details in icici net banking
  4. From the new page, click on UPDATE option in from of Nominee update section.
  5. click-on-update-under-nominee-add-section
  6. From the next page, select the Account number, and click on Add Nominee bank account to add nominee in icici bank
  7. Enter the name of the nominee, relation with you and age of the nominee. Click on Continue button to proceed further.
  8. On the new page, conform the nominee details and click on Confirm button.

A nominee details are now added to your account. You will receive an SMS and email notification about the successful addition of nomination details.

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Method 2 – How to Add nominee in ICICI bank by visiting bank branch

If you don’t have ICIC net banking access or you are unable to add nominee online for some reason, you can visit the bank branch to update/add nomination details.

  1. Go to your ICICI bank branch and ask for the KYC update form.
  2. Fill the details like account number, registered mobile number, etc.
  3. Under Nomination details, write the name of the nominee, relationship with the account holder and age of the nominee.
  4. Sign the document and submit it to the bank employee.
  5. The employee will verify your details, and nominee details will be added within two working days.

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Summary –

We have seen how to add nominee in ICICI bank online. You can do this work by sitting at home from your mobile phone. If you have any doubts regarding the information provided in this article, you can write to us in the comment section below.

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  1. I have a joint sb account with my wife. We have forgotten whom we had nominated. In my internet banking, under personal details I see nominee updated. But I cannot view nominee name. Even if I am not allowed to change nominee in my net banking as it is joint account, I should be able to view the present nominee.
    Also when I open online FD nominee registration is not being allowed. This feature was available earlier.
    Please address above shortcomings.