How to link ICICI credit card to bank account? [In just 2 minutes]

ICICI bank provides a wide range of Credit cards to customers. Their Coral, Platinum and Amazon Pay Cards are popular and give many benefits, along with 40- 50 days of free credit usage. If you have an ICICI savings account and recently got an ICICI Credit card, then you must link your card to Internet banking to start using it. In this guide, we will see how to link an ICICI credit card to a bank account into internet banking and Mobile App online in step-by-step instructions.

How to link ICICI credit card to bank account

Requirements to link ICICI credit card to bank account –

  1. ICICI net banking Username  – If you forgot the username, read this guide to know your ICICI netbanking username.
  2. ICICI net banking Password – If you forgot the password, read this guide to reset your ICICI netbanking password.
  3. iMobile App login PINKnow how to register on iMobile App.

You must link your new ICICI credit card to both Internet banking and the iMobile app. We will see both the methods in detail –

1] How to link ICICI credit card to bank account using Internet Banking

  1. Open ICICI net banking website on your computer/smartphone browser –
  2. Enter your Username and password to log in to your account.
  3. Now, click on the OVERVIEW option from the main menu and from the sub-menu, select the ‘ACCOUNT SUMMARY‘ on account summary option in icici netbanking
  4. From the new page, under Account Summary, click on the ‘Link My Accounts‘ on link my accounts from icici net banking
  5. Now, click on the ‘Link my Credit Card Account to my User ID‘ option under the Credit Cards on link my credit card option in icici netbanking
  6. On the new page, select your Bank account from the drop-down list and then enter the Credit Card number and Expiry Date in MMYYYY.
  7. Also, accept the terms and conditions and then click on the PROCEED button.
  8. Confirm that you are link ICICI credit card to bank account.
  9. Your request is now registered and will be completed within few minutes.

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2] How to link ICICI Credit card in iMobile App?

  1. Download the iMobile App on your smartphone.
  2. Open the app and allow required permissions.
  3. Now, register on the app by entering the details asked. Read this guide on how to register on the iMobile App.
  4. Once you complete the registration, click on the ‘Services‘option at the bottom of the screen.tap on services option in imobile app
  5. Then tap on the ‘Link Accounts‘ option under the ‘Account Services‘ option.tap on Link accounts option under account services
  6. Select the Account type to be linked as ‘Credit Card.’enter credit card details to link in imobile app
  7. Then select your bank account number and then enter your ICICI Credit Card number and the Expiry date in MMYYYY.
  8. Finally, press the ‘Submit’ button to submit the ‘link ICICI credit card to bank account request.’icici credit card link to bank account successfull

Done! You can now access credit card services from internet banking and the iMobile App.

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