How to transfer money without adding beneficiary in ICICI?

ICICI bank lets you use digital banking facilities such as fund transfer, online KYC, manage debit card, and much more. To transfer funds you usually need to add a beneficiary first and wait for it to activate. In some cases, if you have to transfer money urgently and can’t wait for the beneficiary activation time, there is a way by which you can transfer money without adding beneficiary in ICICI bank. The process is very easy and you can transfer money within seconds. In this guide, we will see different methods on how to transfer money without adding beneficiary to ICICI bank account in step-by-step instructions.

transfer money without adding beneficiary in ICICI

Requirements for ICICI money transfer without adding beneficiary

  1. ICICI Net banking User ID and password.
  2. ICICI iMobile App – Installed and registered on your phone.
  3. Registered mobile number must be with you.

How to transfer money without adding beneficiary in ICICI – 2 Easy methods

We will see 2 easy methods by which you can easily transfer money even if the beneficiary is not added already or you don’t want to add and wait to activate it.

  1. Via ICICi Quick Transfer Facility
  2. Using UPI

We will see each method in detail –

Method 1 – Use ICICI Quick Money facility to transfer money without adding beneficiary

This feature is available in ICICI net banking and iMobile App. You can log in to any of these services to use this feature. I am using the Internet Banking facility, for now, however, the process is the same for the iMobile app.

Please note that there are charges of Rs. 5 plus GST18% i.e total Rs. 5.90 to use this service.

Read these steps and follow exactly to transfer money quickly –

  • Step1: Open the ICICI bank website on your computer/smartphone browser –
  • Step2: Then click on the ‘Login‘ button and enter your user id and password to log in to your account.
  • Step3: Now, from the main menu, click on the ‘Payments & Transfer’ option.
  • Step4: From the sub-menu, click on the ‘Fund Transfer‘ on fund transfer option under payments menu in icici net banking
  • Step5: From the new screen, on the left side menu, click on the ‘Quick Fund Transfer‘ on quick fund transfer in icici net banking
  • Step6: Now, from the new page, first, select “To ICICI Bank” OR “To Other Bank Account” based on the receiver’s type of bank account. ( I have selected another bank account).
  • Step7: Enter the Payee Account Number, Name and Amount to be sent, then enter the Payee Bank IFSC Code and click on Submit button to verify IFSC and check whether the branch name is correct. Finally, click on Proceed To Pay button.enter payee account number and amount to be sent
  • Step8: Now you will receive an OTP on your registered with the bank. Enter this OTP on the screen and click on Submit button.
  • Step9: Now, you have to verify the Debit Grid by entering the numbers assigned for the mentioned Letters. You will get the Debit Grid printed on the backside of your ICICI debit card.
  • Step10: Done! your money is now transferred to the payee account by the IMPS method.icici money transfer without adding beneficiary using net banking

=> ICICI Quick Transfer Money Transfer Limit –

You can transfer up to Rs. 10,000 and minimum payment should be above 100 Rs.

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Method 2 – Use UPI Method to transfer money without adding beneficiary in ICICI bank

With just a bank registered mobile number and debit card details, you can use the UPI feature on your smartphone to transfer money without even knowing the account number of the payee. You can use the iMobile UPI feature or any other UPI payment App to transfer money. We will see the method to use the PhonePe App UPI feature to transfer money without adding beneficiary –

  • Step1: Open PhonePe App on your smartphone.
  • Step2: Login to the app and then tap on the ‘To Bank‘ option.
  • Step3: Then press + button at the bottom right corner and then select the payee bank name from the list.
  • Step4: On the new screen, enter Account Number, Confirm Account number, Enter IFSC Code(If required), Account Holder Name.enter account number and ifsc code in phonepe upi app
  • Step5: Make sure that the details entered by you are correct. You can also enter the payee phone number and the Nickname for the account.
  • Step6: Finally, press CONFIRM button from the bottom of the screen.
  • Step7: On the new screen, enter the amount to transfer, select your bank account (Debit From), and press SEND button.
  • Step8: Now, enter your UPI PIN and press Confirm button.
  • Step9: Done! the money is now transferred to the payee account without adding the beneficiary.

=> UPI Limit Per Day –

The money transfer limit in ICICI bank in a day is 1 Lakh and maximum 10 transactions per day. You can check other bank’s UPI limits and charges from this article – UPI Limit per day.

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