Cowin Registration and appointment : Full Guide

The Indian government has announced vaccine for all citizens between 18 yo 44 Yrs. All the youth must register on Cowin App/website to take their dose as per appointment. In this guide, we will see how to do Cowin registration using App or website. We will also see how to schedule appointment on Cowin portal.

Cowin Registration and appointment Full Guide

How to do registration on Cowin portal

  • Step1: Open the Cowin website – OR download Cowin app on your smartphone – Co-WIN Vaccinator App
  • Step2: On the website, click on Register/Sign In yourself. If you are using App, tap on LOGIN With OTP button.
  • Step3: Enter your Mobile Number in a given field and click on the GET OTP button.enter mobile number in cowin portal
  • Step4: You will receive OTP on your phone. Enter this OTP in a given field and click on Verify and Proceed button.Cowin Registration and appointment : Full Guide 1
  • Step5: Once you register/Login to the portal, you can now see the Cowin registration option. You can register 4 members with one login(one mobile number).
  • Step6; Click on the Register member button to start the member registration process.register member in cowin
  • Step7: A form is now displayed on your screen. Select the ID proof for registration. You can select from Addhar Card, PAN Card, Driving License, Passport, Pension Passbook. ( Note that you have to produce this ID card while you go for vaccination).enter personal details to register on cowin
  • Step8: On the next field, enter the ID document number. For E.g, If you have selected Addhar as ID proof then enter the Aadhar card number here.
  • Step9: Enter the Name as per the document.
  • Step10: Next, Select the Gender of the registrant individual.
  • Step11: Finally, enter the Birth Year (in YYYY) as per the document.
  • Step12: Once you enter all the required details correctly, click on the REGISTER button.

Done! Your registration at the Cowin portal is completed. You will also receive an SMS on your mobile number with a Reference ID. You can register your family member using the same mobile number with their document ID’s.

You can now schedule the appointment for vaccination.

How to schedule appointment on Cowin portal for Vaccination

  • Step1: After you complete the registration, you can now view your name on the screen. Click on the SCHEDULE button in front of the name. You can select multiple names by clicking on the Schedule button in front of the respective name.schedule appointment in cowin
  • Step2: Now, at the bottom of the screen, you can see your name and the names you have selected in the above step. Here, click on the “SCHEDULE NOW” button.
  • Step3: On the new page, you can now search the nearest Vaccination Center. Enter the PIN code of your Area to view the vaccination centers near vaccination center
  • Step4: From the list, you can now select the date of vaccination. Make sure that the vaccination center is allowing 18 to 45 yrs citizens.Cowin Registration and appointment : Full Guide 2

Done! you have now completed book appointment on Cowin for vaccination. You will receive the Date of Cavvination and address of the Vaccination Center.

Frequently Asked equations of Cowin Registration and Schedule appointment for Vaccination –

Q1Do I need to pay for Cowin registration?

A – No, registration on the Cowin portal is totally free. You just need a valid mobile number to register on Cowin portal.

Q2Do I need to pay to take Cowin Appointment?

A – No, Cowin appointment is totally free.

Q3Is Covid-19 Vaccination free?

A – Government of India has announced free vaccination for citizens of age more than 45 Years. Also, many State Government has announced free vaccination for 18 to 45 Yrs citizens. You can take an appointment for Government controlled booths for a free vaccination. However, you have to pay the charges for vaccination if you want to get the dose from Private hospitals.

Q4What documents are required for Cowin registration?

A – Along with the Adhar card, you can also use your Driving license, PAN, Passport, and Pension Passbook as ID proof for Cowin registration.

Q5How to find the nearest vaccination center?

A – You can enter your area PIN or select State and District to get a full list of vaccination centers.

Q6How to select the correct Vaccination Center?

A – In the list of vaccination centers, you can view the age limit in red color text. If it states “minimum age for booking is 45+” then you can book an appointment for the senior citizens only having an age of more than 45 Years. You cannot book appointment in such booths for Age below 44.

Q7How to register my family members on Cowin who don’t have a mobile number?

A – You can register up to 4 members using 1 Mobile Number. So, if you have a mobile number, then you can register your Mother, Father, and Wife, etc with your mobile number.

Q8How do I know the vaccination appointment date and time?

A – Once you completed the appointment process, you can view the vaccination center address and the date selected by you. You will also get an SMS on your phone about the same.


You can easily register on Cowin portal and book an appointment for vaccination at your nearest vaccination center. You can use the app or install Cowin app on your phone to register for free. Let us know if you have any queries regarding the Cowin registration and appointment booking.

This information is published to educate people on how to register on Cowin portal and do not have any intention of any data collection. Please do not comment your document ID and mobile number in the comment section, if done so, it will not be visible as we respect users privacy.
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