How can I get my SBI ATM PIN by SMS?

Have you ordered a new SBI ATM card? Have you opened a new account in SBI and want to activate your SBI debit card? If Yes, then this guide is for you. SBI provides a facility that gives you the freedom to create your SBI ATM card PIN using your mobile phone. You can get SBI ATM PIN by SMS on your registered mobile number. In this guide, we will see how to get the SBI ATM PIN by SMS.

How can I get my SBI ATM PIN by SMS

Things required to receive SBI ATM PIN by SMS.

You need to fulfill the following things/conditions to get your atm card pin by sms.

  1. Registered Mobile Number – You must have the mobile number registered in the bank with you.
  2. The mobile number should be active and should be able to send and receive the SMS.
  3. Registered mobile number must have a balance to send SMS. If you don’t have a balance, you can simply recharge with a 10 rs Talktime pack to send SMS.
  4. SBI ATM Card last four digits. (do not share card number, CVV, or Expiry date with anyone).
  5. Last four digits of your SBI account number.

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How can I get my SBI ATM PIN by SMS? SBI green PIN generation steps –

There is no need for the Internet Connection on the phone to create SBI ATM PIN. Follow these simple steps to get atm pin by SMS.

  1. Open the SMS app on your phone and create New PIN.
  2. Type SMS – PIN <space> Last 4 digits of Debit Card <space> Last 4 Digit Of Bank Account Number
  3. Send this SMS on 567676.
  4. Now within few seconds, you will receive an SMS containing the ATM PIN.
  5. This is the Green PIN and only valid for 24 Hrs to create your ATM PIN.

You must now visit the nearest ATM to generate PIN for your debit card.

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How to generate SBI ATM PIN by visiting ATM

  1. Visit Nearest SBI ATM. (Please do not go to any other ATM)
  2. Insert your ATM card into the machine. Do not try to pull back the card as it is locked by the machine. You can remove the card only after the completion of the transaction.
  3. Now, the machine will display the main menu.
  4. Select the option “Enter PIN
  5. On the new page, enter the PIN received over SMS.
  6. Now on the new menu, select “PIN CHANGE“.
  7. Enter the new PIN of your choice.
  8. Again enter the new PIN correctly.
  9. Done! Your SBI Debit card PIN generation process is now complete.

Few Safety majors for SBI ATM card use

  1. Do not share your card details, CVV or Expiry with anyone.
  2. Do not write down your ATM PIN anywhere. Memories the PIN and do not tell anyone. If you forget the PIN, you can always change SBI ATM PIN online.
  3. If not necessary, turn off the online transactions and international transactions for your ATM card. You can do this using SBI Yono App and SBI Internet banking.
  4. If you have created a UPI account using your debit card, please do not accept any unknown “Request” which claims “cashback” “reward” “offer” in the description of the request.
  5. Regularly change your PIN for added security.

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Using your phone you can easily create SBI green PIN. After receiving SBI green PIN, you can generate SBI ATM PIn within 24 Hrs by visiting the nearest SBI ATM. In case you have any doubt regarding “how can i get my sbi atm pin by SMS, please write to us in the comment section below.

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