SBH online balance enquiry : Get your SBH account balance online in 1 minute

State bank of Hyderabad is one of the better performing banks in India. SBH mostly operates in the Telangana States; both their branches are everywhere in India. SBH is a sister bank of SBI and runs on the same servers of SBI. If you have state bank of Hyderabad bank account and want to check your account balance without going to a branch, ATM then this guide is for you. In this article, we have explained how to get SBH online balance Enquiry with or without internet connection within 1 minute.

sbh online balance enquiry

How to check SBH account balance Online with or without Internet

There are Four online methods through which you can get SBH online balance status.

  1. Through Internet Banking
  2. Using SBH Mobile Banking
  3. Through *99# Banking
  4. SBH Balance Enquiry by Missed Call

We will see all the methods one by one in detail –

Method 1 – SBH Balance Enquiry using Internet Banking

This method works on both smartphone and computer having an internet connection. Follow these steps to get your account balance.

Note – After a merger, all sister banks like SBH will be moved to SBI, and all logins will be done via SBI only.

  • Step1: Open the SBH Internet banking portal website on your computer/smartphone browser.
  • Step2: Now login with your Username and password. If you don’t have SBH internet banking account, then follow this guide to register for SBH internet banking.
  • Step3: Once logged-in, from the main dashboard, you can see your account number. Click on Show balance to get account balance on the screen.

That’s it; you can now see your account balance and mini statement on your screen.

Method 2 – SBH online balance Enquiry using Mobile App

SBH mobile bank is now SBI anywhere app (Now renamed to Yono Lite SBI). You can use your SBH internet banking credentials to log in to this app and get your account balance instantly.

  • Step1: First of all, you have to download SBH mobile banking app, i.e. SBH anywhere app and register on it. You can read this guide to know how to register for SBI anywhere app.
  • Step2: Open the SBH mobile app on your smartphone and then login with user id and password.
  • Step3: Now, on the main screen, you can see “Show Balance” option.
  • Step4: Once you tap on this “Show balance” option, you can get the SBH balance on your phone’s screen.

This way, with four easy steps, you can check SBH online balance enquiry on your phone.

Method 3 – SBH balance enquiry Using NUUP feature – *99# (without internet connection)

This method is not so popular, but it the most feature-packed way to check account balance on any mobile phone without an internet connection.

You can check your account balance, send money, get a mini statement at any time using this *99# service which doesn’t require any internet connection.

  • Step1: First of all, you have to register for this service. Read this guide to know how to register for NUUP service.
  • Step2: Now dial *99# from your phones dial pad and wait for the replay.
  • Step3: In the pop-up window, enter your PIN to log in to the service.
  • Step4: Now, select the “Check Balance” option and tap on the Send button.
  • Step5: On the next popup, you can see the  SBH account balance on your screen.

Method 4 – How to get SBH online account balance using Missed call

You can check your account balance by giving missed call also. All banks have started to provide a toll-free number to get account balance via SMS.

SBH balance enquiry toll-free number: 09223766666

  • Step1: Dial the above phone number from your phone’s dial-pad.
  • Step2: Once the call is connected, wait for it to get disconnect automatically.
  • Step3: Now, you will get an SMS on your phone with account balance mentioned in it.
  • Step4: Open that SMS, and you can see the account balance available on your SBH account.


In this guide of SBH online balance enquiry, we have seen how to get your SBH account balance online using different methods. All methods are well explained and easy to check your account balance with or without an internet connection. If you get any problem or you have any doubt regarding SBH online balance enquiry, then please feel free to write down in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi, you will receive OTP on your registered mobile number. You can enter this OTP to login to the internet banking

  2. Hi I am having account with SBH and I have user name and login password also
    they are asking otp no. how to login otp. pls send your reply thorugh my e mail

    Please let me know Golden jubilee certificate no. 001608 matured on 2/6/2017

  3. Hi, the number is working correctly for me. Please check your SMS after you miss call on given numbers.

  4. For balance checking I call to 09223766666 and 09223488888 but this numbers or not working. Please send to me correct balance checking.

  5. For balance checking I call to 09223766666 and 09223488888 but this numbers or not working. Please send to me correct balance checking.

  6. 18001802223 this number is not SBI online balance enquiry number. It is pertaining to Panja Nation Bank online balance enquiry number. Please correct the number and upload.